Item Description
Name X-era Smart
Sensor Direct CMOS sensor
Grading 16bit(65,536 grading)
Exposure time 8,14,16 sec. (Panoramic)
4 sec. x 2 (TMJ)
8, 10 sec. (Cephalometric/carpus)
11.5 sec. (3D Dent mode)
11.5 sec. x 2 (3D Oral mode)
Nominal magnification 1.2 - 1.29 (Panoramic, TMJ)
1.1 (Cephalometric/carpus)
Pixel 100μm isotropic/pixel
1,350 x 3,150 pixel (Panoramic)*Horizontal pixel may change by the adjustment of layer.
2,266 x 2,039 pixel (Cephalometric PA/carpus)
2,266 x 2,548 pixel (Cephalometric LA)
80μm isotropic/voxel (3D Dent mode)
110μm isotropic/pixel (3D Oral mode)
FOV φ40mm x 57mm (3D Dent mode)
φ77mm x 54mm (3D Oral mode)
Weight 125 - 160kg (Panoramic type)
165 - 200kg (Cephalometric type)
135 - 170 kg (3D type)
175 - 210kg (3D Cephalometric type)
Type of X-ray generation MIR-100
Tube voltage 60 - 82 kV
Tube current 2.0 - 10mA
Power supply AC100V-120V±10%/ AC220V-240V±10%
Input 2 kVA
Total filtration

2.5 mm Aluminum

*The product specifications vary depending on the area of purchace. Please contact our international buisiness division for more information.

Easy upgrade to 3D, cephalometric

With the same simple operability and compact body, it can be easily upgraded to 3D, cephalometric as needed.
*Sensor corresponding to 3D, cephalometric is needed.
  Space efficiency

Assisting position can be either right or left side depending on the space availability and room arrangement. It enables the efficient use of the limited space of X-ray room.


Elevation range of 800mm

The chinrest height is adjustable in 800mm range to adapt to all types of patients, from a child to adult, and patient on the wheelchair.