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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we purchase YOSHIDA products?

Our products can be purchased from official distributors. For distributor information, please see "Our Distributors" page.
If you can not find distributor in your country, products are currently not available as we are unable to sell products directly to doctors and non-contract distributors.

Do you have a local distributor in my country?

Please see "Our Distributors" page.

How can we become your distirbutor?

Please check "Our Distributors" page and if we do not have a distributor in your country, please fill out our inquiry form and send it to us.

How can we purchase spare parts of YOSHIDA equipment.

Spare parts are available for supply for 10 years from the manufacturing. Please check the year of manufacturing of your equipment and contact the dealer you have purchsed the equipment from for after-sales services.
Please note that we supply parts to official distributors only. For contact information, plase see "Our Distributors" page.

I want to know the price of YOSHIDA products.

Since we sell our products to our official distributors only, price information is not open to public and we are unable to provide the information.
Please contact our official distributors for pricing questions in your country. For contact information, please see "Our Distributors" page.

How can we get a repair service.

Repair service is provided by our official distributors unless your equipment is purchased through unofficial supply channel. We are dedicated to work closely with our distributors to provide high quality after-sales services for customer satisfaction. That is one big reason we only supply our products to distributors with contract. *
For contact information, please see "Our Distributors" page.

*We are unable to provide services or supply spare parts for equipment which was purchased from unofficial distributors or purchased as used.

What if my question is not answered in the above?

Please fill out the inquiry form and click “Submit” at the bottom of your screen to send it to us.

I'm encountering issues while submitting the inquiry form.
How can I get in touch if I face problems with the form?

If you're experiencing difficulties with the inquiry form, please contact us through an email to the address below.