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The new multi-handling system differs from previous models which used a weighted balancing system, and is remarkably light and responsive. It retains its position when irradiation is temporarily stopped and the handpiece released during treatment, enabling efficient treatment processes.
The second arm is 100mm longer than previous models, so wherever the device is placed the doctor has flexibility with treatment position.
This graph shows the height of energy density for the OPELASER PRO laser beam. The manipulator type delivers a highly concentrated laser with no wavelength dispersion.
To fully utilize the potential of CO2 lasers, a high energy-density and low irradiation energy loss laser is required. The OPELASER PRO is a manipulator-type laser that comfortably meets these conditions. The smallest point of contact between laser and target area, together with high energy-density make non-invasive treatment possible.
The sharpest incisions yet possible can be made using the laser's Φ0.15mm. As well as cutting and removals, a variety of other procedures are also possible, enabling the doctor's understanding and skills to be fully reflected in the chosen course of treatment.
Cooling air emitted from the handpiece point effectively cools the area of laser irradiation, suppressing the patient's pain. The OPELASER's unique technology provides gentle treatment for the patient.
A guide light is essential for high quality, precise treatment processes. The OPELASER PRO's guide light is set by default to a green light that can easily be seen in the oral cavity. The guide light helps prevent mistakes in irradiation location and reduces dentist eye strain. The brightness of the guide light can be controlled from the control panel.
The manipulator is made from lightweight and highly durable carbon rods. When weighed with the apparatus body it is 40% lighter than previous models, and is also slimmer. It is easy to move around so it doesn't need to have a designated storage location.
The control panel's simple design is user friendly and easy to operate.
1Output display window
Displays CO2 laser output

2Output settings keys
Set the CO2 laser output level

3Output mode control
Choose Continuous Wave or Super Pulse setting

4Time display window
Displays pulse irradiation time

5Pulse irradiation Setting keys
Set the time for pulse irradiation

6Irradiation mode key
Choose irradiation mode (Continuous Wave, Repeat Irradiation or Pulse)

7Function key
Set the volume, irradiation interval length, timer and guide light brightness

8Cooling air key
Turn the cooling air on or off

9Tip mode key
Cuts air-flow when using needle tip

10READY key
Finalize the irradiation conditions

11Preset key
Call preset irradiation conditions
Pulse mode display